Welcome to 5minutelife!

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Nicole Nedelko

Welcome to 5minutelife!

Nicole and I have 3 beautiful children and have spent the past 8 years figuring out the best tips, tricks and lifehacks that help us:

  1. Maintain our sanity.
  2. Ensure our kids are being raised properly (and continue to breath).
  3. Keep our home happy and our kids healthy.
  4. Remember that we have to continue to have our own goals and dreams.
  5. Remember that we are also a couple.
  6. Stave off the chaos of family life and the schedules of 3 wonderful and crazy kids.

Everything you find on 5minutelife is intended to be quick and convenient. We’re big on checklists and quick videos.

In fact, we’ve made sure that every article on 5minutelife is easy for you to download as PDF and print quickly. We understand we’re living in the 21st century but sometimes there’s nothing better than printing up a good old-fashioned checklist!

We’ll also be launching the 5minutelife store with digital downloads including lifehack eBook, recipes, craft and activity books for kids, plus products we love that we’ve actually used and much more coming in the future.

We hope you find 5minutelife helpful and will join our community today!

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