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5minutelife.me is a blog and community for parents, partners and people just like you.

Hi there, we’re Nicole and Dan Nedelko.

We’ve been married for 5 years…just in case you were wondering, no we didn’t plan the name of this site based on that, it was a happy coincidence!

We’ve been in a relationship for 8 years, married for an incredible (and hectic) 5 years and known each other for 20 years.

We have 3 beautiful children: Jaxson, Cohen and Milena and like you we have a true 5 minute life.

Soccer practice, swimming lessons, school trips, day camp, day care, groceries, work, working out, family trips, birthdays, anniversaries, a seemingly never ending list of “things to do”.

These are the best days of our lives, these are “the good old days” and we don’t want to miss a single minute of truly enjoying this time in our lives.

That’s another reason we came up with 5minutelife.

We need time savers. We need to be efficient. The more we are, the more time and head space we have to enjoy these precious days that go all to fast.

In our 5minutelife you’ll find:

  1. Recipes – we’re not chefs and we don’t want to be hitting the drive-thru every time things are busy. You’ll find simple, fast and healthy 5minutelife recipes.
  2. Parenting Techniques – we’ve been stacking up little tips that help us get through those terrible 2’s, crying, screaming, whining. We hacve a whole library of simple, actionable and realistic parenting tips that we’ve actually used.
  3. Relationship Tools – maintaining your relationship with a growing family can be tricky. The kids are the priority but we can’t lose site of the fact that we are a couple who are in Love. We’ve put together some easy things you can do to keep that spark and passion in your relationship.
  4. Professional Life Hacks – we’re both working hard to build and grow our own businesses and skills individually and as a couple. These professional life hacks will keep you growing personally so you’re happy and grounded to give your relationship and your kids the best of you.


Just writing this is making us tired. Tired and happy 🙂

So thanks for dropping by to check out our 5minutelife – we hope you join us on this journey.

We’d love to have you as a member of our community.

Nicole and Dan Nedelko

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  1. Very happy I found you! Kids all grown with their own little ones. Unfortunately, I’m a type A, and can not sit still so I have sewing, painting, reading, hand embroidery going on. I don’t have time to cook, not that I like to, but I want to like it. I don’t eat fast food or white food or any grains, so what to do, what to do???? AH HA! I come across your Lemon cake and pie! Don’t tell me their’s no GOD! Now, perhaps, I can accomplish my mission to get my husbands’ sweet tooth satiated and out of the grocery stores bakery!!!

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