How To Create The Perfect Smokey Eye : Make Up Tutorial

Make up tutorial

The smokey eye look is one of my all-time favourite looks.

It’s the perfect way to dress up your eyes for any nighttime event.

Although smudging and blending may be the key techniques used to achieve this looks, it still takes some time and practice to perfect the look.

I’ve put together some expert tips to achieve your dream smouldering eye look!


Start Your Smokey Eye With An Eye Primer

Using an eye primer and applying all over your eyelid up to the brow bone will ensure your eyeshadow stays put all day and your pigments stay true to colour. My favourite is this mineral primer by Younique.

Create A Clean Look First

Since the smokey eye look is heavily blended, it’s important to balance the look with a fresh face so you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed. Having your under eye concealer on point and brows filled in are essential steps to making a smokey eye really pop.

Choose A Colour Scheme

Next, you’ll want to choose a colour scheme, i.e. browns, blacks, pinks, etc. Using an eyeshadow palette ensures the colours you choose will all match in tone, which means less work for you! I love this colour palette by Younique.

Pro Tip: Stay away from eyeshadows that tend to reflect a blue tone. Often this will look this you have bags under your eye and doesn’t appear as flattering. If you want a cooler shade, stick with dark green.

Apply The Lightest Colour First

Choose 3 colours from your palette – one light, one medium, and one dark. Start by applying the lightest colour (usually a cream, silver or gold tone) under the brow bone and on the inner tear duct to highlight and open up your eyes.

Apply The Medium Tone To Your Lid

Take the medium shade and apply that all over the lid with a small, fluffy brush.

Apply The Darkest Tone To Your Crease

With a crease brush, take the darkest colour, and place the product in a sideways V shape on the crease and upper lash line.

Blend, Blend, Blend!

Using small, light circles, blend the dark colour into the crease of your eye and move the product across the crease. Drag that same dark colour under your lower lash line as well. The key to a good smokey eye is blending, so ensure you take your time to blend this dark colour well so there are not any harsh lines.

Contrast With Precision Eye Liner

Your smokey eye can stand out from the rest with a strong dark winged eyeliner. Apply black liquid liner across your top lash line, adding a cat eye flick at the end.

Top It Off With Dramatic Lashes

Finally, having long, voluminous lashes add extra drama for a great smouldering, smokey eye!

Voila! You have yourself a gala-worthy smokey eye look for wherever the night takes you.

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